Thursday, October 21, 2010

thimble holders

thimbles are great (wait, does anyone actually use thimbles anymore?), but what if they get lost? what you need is a thimble holder, of course.
this unmarked porcelain cat thimble holder would do the trick. of course, if i saw it at the thrift store, i'd have 0 inkling as to its purpose. the "holder" part looks like the sport top on plastic water bottles.

also this psychedelic (so i say) lighthouse/mushroom combo. still not sure if it really is a thimble holder.

but my favorite, without question, are the handmade "wishbone" thimble holders. see how there's an actual wish bone in that fancy lace? these can be hung on your wall, so if you need a thimble, there it is.

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